Virnie Ismail get married with someone

Even though the road is rarely seen with lovers, Virnie Ismail was already ready to go to married. So guests at the event have Untung Budi, Virnie admitted that he planned to marry this year. To perpetuate meried, Virnie hope to get appropriate desires.

When asked the question that guided towel and Ari Budi Untung, Virnie acknowledges that he will soon be married. "Events have Untung Budi is exciting, I do not stop laughing. The question I also surprised the info accurate. Where do I become suspicious. Lagian everything is correct, I would like to start from meried this year, are the same ngefans Purple vocalist," says Virnie found in the studio Jaktim Cawang, Friday (29 / 5).

Virnie assert himself if will married this year and male offspring get Java. "meried Allah this year, but many also have dirapiin. There deh, that the Javanese. by name F. met three years ago with friends," he said.

Virnie want their own wedding with the Islamic way. "Want no theory, there are show, each procession is dzikir. Not free to marry next pregnancy, birth and the child would kuatin foundation of religion. The point I have no hesitation to marry," Virnie deception.