Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono

Early February 2009, Tian has acknowledged his marriage news with the artist walked on Kamal. He and Walk On will carry out the related press conference on the news of his marriage in the near future.

In the meantime Walk On tell about if the marriage that was experienced by him this was one something that was amazing. "This my life that was new." In fact could not believed, deg-degan also ngejalani him, said Walk On

Tian explained if having several matter stories of his privacy with Walk On that could not be explained to the public's public. "We pengin related all of them, but according to me this not consumption" of the "public." I apologised to all of them, said Tian. As the figure public, still Tian words, himself indeed had an obligation to not open all the secrets of his matter. "I and Walk On would also pengin lived normal," he said.