New Info : Upload Kim Kardashian Selfie,

Selfie Kim Kardashian  photos uploaded yesterday (8/3) on his personal Instagram account is horrendous. Kim is known to spit like her beauty sexy in their social media accounts.

However, many were frustrated by a series of celebrity Kim behavior that is considered to be not a good example for the younger generation. After strong protests from the young actress Chloe Moretz, now turn harsh satirical Pink mother of North and Saint West.

Through Twitter account, this duet partner Nate Ruess write more or less the same message as Chloe. He advised all women to not only show off her beauty to attract attention. This message was conveyed in celebration of International Women's Day which falls exactly on March 8.

 "Attention to all women around the world, to better utilize his intelligence, strength, work ethic, and the magical powers of their birth. The things it does not make you the center of attention and a lot of money, compared to when you show off body attractiveness. women like you do not need to draw attention to the way it is. at some point you will feel that the results of your hard work will bring the respect of others and self respect, "he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

As if not received, Kim also reply to the negative comments. According to him, there is nothing wrong with  selfie pose and show off body attractiveness.

"I'm not a drug addict. I like to drink (alcohol). I was never involved in crime. And now I'm an example that no good as proud of my body alone? I'm proud of my body. I'm proud of sexuality. I'm proud of my skin. I want to show it all to the world and I do not care caustic comment that you give, "confidante as reported Aceshowbiz. Well, the war is getting heat alone.