Naomi Watts

Maybe this is the risk of becoming an actress but experienced before Naomi Watts plays a role in the film FAIR GAME simply did not play. Just imagine, Naomi to be tortured by CIA agents before he passed the play Valerie Plame, a CIA agent whose identity was leaked by the White House.

"The first half hour they play the movie that shows people who were killed in a very cruel for me to get used to," says Naomi Watts is quoted from Splash News. That's not how because after that Naomi had to deal directly with that abomination.

"After they handcuffed my hands behind my back and threw my body into the truck. My job is to get out of there alive," said Naomi again. Not only that, Naomi also had to get physical and mental torture during the training along with this CIA. Besides encouraged to drop to the ground, Naomi also has to feel pain when his shins kicked one of these CIA agents.

So do not be surprised if the film is Naomi Watts FAIR GAME looks really convincing. There's no way it was Naomi forget this painful short training.