There's a reason Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2016 Met Gala?

There are so many celebrities who attended at the annual Met Gala that was held on Monday (2/5) yesterday. But among artists, models, famous designers present, invisible nose Miley Cyrus.

If in the previous year Miley managed to steal the show with outfitnya is so hot, now he did not even attend the event. Investigate a investigate it turns out Miley was deliberately to be absent from this year's Met Gala.One source also revealed the reason why the singer's Wrecking Ball chose not present at Hollywoodlife. And in fact, the biggest reason is Liam Hemsworth.

"It certainly was Miley would be happy if it comes at the Met Gala, and she knew I'd be cool with the theme this year. But, along with Liam thinks is more important," said the source. Instead of attending the Met Gala, called Miley prefers to spend time with Liam. In fact, the same source also said that Miley does not want to go anywhere without Liam. So sweet really does?

"For Miley's important for proving that his relationship with Liam is a priority. Miley will not go-go without Liam. That's why he did not come at the Met Gala," added the source.